With Our Helpful FAQ You Can Fully Understand Our Business And The Diamond Industry As A Whole

What Is Your Average Turn Around Time On Re-Cuts And Repairs?

If you do not choose to use our rush service, the time it takes to cut your stone and return it to you is on average 2-4 weeks.

Can You Repair Small Stones Such As 10 Pointers, 15 Pointers And 20 Pointers?

Yes, just ask about our small stone repair service.

Can You Cut Diamonds Into A Matched Pair?

Yes, anything from round brilliant to custom fancy shapes.

Why Is Cut So Important?

Cut grade dramatically influences the price of a diamond. A diamond that has excellent cut proportions will reflect and show more light than a diamond that is poorly cut.

What Does Symmetry Refer To?

Symmetry refers to the facets of a diamond being all proportional and aligned. The more symmetrical the diamond, the higher the value.

Why is polish so important?

The better the polish, the more valuable the diamond.