Understand Our Services

What Is Your Average Turnaround Time On Re-Cuts And Repairs?

The time it takes to cut your stone and return it to you is on average 2-4 weeks. Once we receive your stone we will call you to discuss a more precise turnaround time as well as options we believe will help maximize the stone’s potential.

Can You Repair Small Stones Such As 10 Pointers, 15 Pointers And 20 Pointers?

Yes, just ask about our small stone repair service.

Do You Also Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?

Yes, we offer our Diamond Cutting Services for both Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds.

Can You Cut Diamonds Into A Matched Pair?

Yes, anything from round brilliant to custom fancy shapes.

Why Is Cut So Important?

Cut grade dramatically influences the price of a diamond. A diamond that has excellent cut proportions will reflect and show more light than a diamond that is poorly cut.

What Does Symmetry Refer To?

Symmetry refers to the facets of a diamond being all proportional and aligned. The more symmetrical the diamond, the higher the value.

Why is polish so important?

The better the polish, the more valuable the diamond.

Do You Buy And Sell Diamonds?

Yes. We are very active in the wholesale buying and selling market. We are a trusted source for loose Diamonds and finished Jewelry and also purchase from other wholesalers.