About Southwest Diamond Cutters

Diamond Cutting and Diamond Buyers in Dallas, TX

Southwest Diamond Cutters is a diamond cutting company based in Dallas, TX, that offers contract cutting services to manufacturers, diamond dealers and jewelers around the world. Besides being able to repair chipped or broken diamonds, our goal is to maximize the value of your existing polished diamond inventory by identifying potential improvements that can be achieved through the re-cutting process.

Founded in 1993 by Ashley van Creveld, a fifth generation master diamond cutter, and our team of exceptionally skilled craftsmen and state of the art technology, we can offer the highest level of diamond cutting services to the trade. Our team works to help wholesalers and retailers boost the value of their diamond inventory through the improvement of cut, color and clarity of the diamond. Southwest Diamond Cutters strives to achieve the highest quality of work for our customers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs when having a stone re-cut, either to specific laboratory parameters or your own requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help you increase the value of your inventory.

Southwest Diamond Cutters


  • Jewelers Board
  • Polygon
  • Rapnet Diamond Trading Network
  • GIA
  • Dallas BBB Accredited
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Diamond Buyers Dallas

We BUY Diamonds!

We are not only a resource for cutting diamonds, but also an avenue for selling your excess inventory or unwanted diamonds and fine jewelry. As one of the premier diamond buyers in the U.S.A., we understand diamond market trends and are able to pay some of the highest prices in the industry. We make fair offers and immediate payments with wire transfers or overnight checks. Our diamond buyers place a high priority on customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, based on current market value. We also buy broken and chipped diamonds, as well as melee parcels of all qualities and sizes. Contact us today to get free estimates and appraisals on your inventory.