The Premier Diamond Resource In Dallas

If it involves Diamonds, Southwest Diamond Cutters can help

Diamond buying, cutting, selling and buying  Southwest Diamond Cutters is a diamond company located in Dallas, Texas and are the premier diamond resource in Dallas. We have three divisions: Southwest Diamond Cutters, Southwest Diamond Buyers, and Southwest Diamond Ring Designers. These three division work together harmoniously to create one of the best experiences available in the diamond industry.

Here at Southwest Diamond Cutters, the scope of what we are able to do for you is unrivaled. From re-cutting older diamonds to meet today’s standards or selling your old engagement ring to us, we can give you an incredibly personal experience while also giving you an incredible value.

The combination of these three businesses is what gives us an edge over our competition. It’s also our key to making you, our customer, as happy as possible every time. When you work with us, everything is personally taken care of by our staff, all of which are located in Dallas, Texas under one roof.

 Our Unique Capabilities Make Us The Premier Diamond Resource In Dallas

Because we have three separate divisions under one roof, we are able to work as one cohesive unit dedicated to making you the happiest customer we can, regardless of which service you use. Let us give you some examples:

Diamond Re-cutting and Repair

Yesterday’s diamond cutters didn’t have the resources, techniques or skills that we have today. Southwest Diamond Cutters is completely prepared to cut yesterday’s diamonds to today’s standards. When you choose to have you diamond re-cut with Southwest Diamond Cutters, we use state-of-the-art Sarin and OGI analyzers to determine the optimal way to maximize your diamonds value while losing as little weight as possible. Our Master Diamond Cutter, 5th Generation Master Cutter Ashley van Creveld, personally ensures that every diamond is cut to perfect proportion.

Buying & Selling Diamonds

When wanting so sell us your jewelry, engagement rings, diamonds, etc. we are able to give you some of the best prices possible. This is because with our in-house cutting facility, we are able to fully realize the value of diamonds, which then allows us to pass the increased value on to you!

Creating Custom Jewelry and Engagement Rings

When wanting to create custom jewelry, we take care of you from start to finish, all in-house and for an incredible value. This is because you can choose your diamonds from our own specially cut in-house selection, at which point you’ll collaborate with our custom jewelry designer Lindsay. Lindsay will work with you to bring to life any design you can imagine. Finally, our in-house jeweler will use Auto CAD designs to masterfully craft your jewelry and give you something special you’ll never forget.

These are just a few examples of the ways Southwest Diamond Cutters makes your customer experience the best we possibly can. Contact us today!